Thursday, October 20, 2011

Leaving a mark

I apologize in advance if anyone is offended with this post...this is just pun on how things shape our lives

I guess everyone in this world wants to leave a mark wherever they are before they have to go in different direction. That is just normal human psyche. They want that mark to be present so that someday down in the future when they come across those people, they should be greeted by..."well hello their...I remember, you are the person who did that and what a marvellous feat it was, it’s been so many years and I still remember you."

Well, when I reached the final year of my college life (I mean graduation college, post-graduation is hardly any college), I realized I need to do the same. It had been 4yrs since I have been these people and yet I am pretty sure that they know my name but cannot associate anything with me that will years down the line remind them of me.

So, here I was with a couple of months to go when I decided it was now or never and considering the go-getter I was, I saw an opportunity coming my way. And for the uninitiated it was THE FAREWELL.

Well, this generation old tradition where you get all mesmerized by the thoughts of the people whom you hardly know but yet you feel so nostalgic, so chocked up that you want to just go to them and profess your undying love and gratitude to them.

But I chose a different path. See, the thing is that I never was much in my college. I was always outside it, traveling to the lands far and beyond to meet the love of my life (that story some other day). By the time I reached the final year, there were some issues and the love of my life was no longer the love I could savor. So it was time for me to look for new avenues to share the love I had in my heart with others but mind you the love of my life still remains the same.

Then at this junction and with all the thoughts I had in my mind regarding leaving a mark, I had this god sent opportunity of the FAREWELL.

The big day arrived. There I all clean shaved and groomed ready to take on the world. I set in motion that day with my partner in crime, a guy who initiated me into many worlds hidden from the common man. The two of us set of to the party in a car driven by me borrowed from a friend. We reached the venue a little earlier than anticipated. So the 2 dudes were sitting in the car with black tinted mirrors, a woofer in the trunk and music at the top with a sutta (that’s the Indian slang for Cigarette) on our lips.

When finally we entered the venue we were so going to rock the night (evening to be precise). There what started as a harmless and fun time turned into something really really out of the world.

At this premise moment entered 1 NRI. So, as a gesture of our love to each other we started to get each other and our entourage drunk, and trust me it was a big ass entourage of ours. 

We started by offering shots to each other, one after the other and then another like there was no tomorrow, like we were the wounded knights of a battle royale trying to keep the pain down by intoxicating ourselves. First there was me and the NRI who were going flat out, then we had another guy join in, then another NRI joined in, then my partner in crime from before joined in, then the balding ass of the batch joined in and lastly a girl tried to join in but just couldn't keep up.

We started from whiskey-on-the-rocks, thought it was a waste of a time so moved to vodka shot, very soon we were out of vodka(no joking true story...all thanks to us), so we moved to whiskey shot. Being the generous souls our hosts were, they procured more bottles of vodka. By the time these arrived, we were all in pretty shabby conditions but as Shakespeare once said, the show must go on. So, we took the bitter bullet and decided to drink more.

The bartender was a lazy ass so we decided to tend to the bar on our own. We stole the bottle of vodka and 2 shot glasses.

So, people let me tell you, this is where I am going to show you how I left my mark!!

Armed with the bottle of vodka and 2 shot glasses, I moved to the forbidden grounds of the female territory and offered them a shot at their tables. Some were brave enough to give it a "shot" while others chickened which I thought I graciously accepted.

This was phase 1 of my leaving the mark program, for phase 2 I moved onto the dance floor. With the bottle of vodka in one hand I started dancing on the dance floor. But soon I realized this will not make a mark sufficient enough for eternity, so I quickly moved to the phase 3.

I went to the DJ, asked for the mic and asked him to stop the music, this is when the party was in full bloom and everyone I guess was dancing.

Now this is how the phase 3 started, I started to talk on the mic but soon realized that I suck and being the spontaneous guy I am quickly adapted myself and voila...there I was, drunk out of mind on the dance floor with around 70 people around me...and I did the unfathomable...I started to sing and sung a song that you are not supposed to sing....I started to sing HERO by Enrique Iglesias ( at the top of my voice and I sung as fall...

Would you dance if I asked you to dance?
Would you run and never look back
Would you cry if you saw me crying
Would you save my soul tonight?

Would you tremble if I touched your lips?
Would you laugh oh please tell me these
Now would you die for the one you love?
Hold me in your arms tonight?

I can be you hero baby
I can kiss away the pain
I will stand by you forever
You can take my breath away....

And the last words You can take my breath away really did take it away and thus started the final phase in my quest for leaving a mark...

In this phase a lot of things happened...I sang the last words and passed out completely and fell flat on my back while singing those last words. After this started 3-4 hrs of puking and making a mess everywhere.

This was followed by 6guys trying to carry me out of the club which was followed by being passed out for another 10hrs which was followed by guzzling 3litres of water on waking up.

And there I was thinking I had finally left my mark on these people. But alas! to my surprise on Monday, I had my walk of shame in the lecture hall, the tales of valour and bravery were being sung in full flow with the tiniest of details with varying accounts coming from varying sources.

Some said I held a girl's wrist and tried to dance with her and some other said I was naked and they saw things which they were not supposed to see, while some others said that someone was trying to take pictures of a crazy me. Till date I haven’t seen the proof to collaborate to those claims but I still basked in my glory of making and leaving a mark all in a span of a few hours.

You all must be thinking that now the story ends but guess what my happiness was very short lived. Soon there started the accounts of another person trying to leave a mark and dear friends...he had surpassed me...I was nowhere even within a million miles to him.

That particular fellow managed to do the unbelievable and remarkable feat. A feat I had never heard before and till date I have not seen that feat being recreated.

That fellow was not only able to pass out(I did that too), puke(I did that too), show the world the hidden secret of his bodies(I did that too) but was also able to do the unthinkable...he was able to shit while being passed out. And this is not where it ends, what I have been told from the eyewitness account there were times that all the holes in his body were giving the world back what they have taken from the world.

But what a courageous knight he was. He showed up in the lecture hall and to mock the world wore a t-shirt stating "SHIT HAPPENS". And thus all my effort and planning went down the drain and I guess his commitment overpowered mine and he came out of the night as the shining star.

What I learnt from this particular experience was either you can leave a positive mark or a negative one, no matter which one you leave the world will remember you but also I learnt that if you want to leave a negative remark, the competition is far more fierce than in case of a positive one.

So, I guess I was not able to leave a mark but well only time will tell if it happened or not. I am no one to declare it today. So, I guess I need to keep trying and try harder and make sure this time before I complete my post-graduation, I surely leave a mark.

"Wit is often a mask. If you tear it you will find either genius irritated or cleverness juggling" - Kahlil Gibran

The story begins...

This is going to be my attempt at sharing the stories of life that I have gathered over the course of my life which trust me can blow you away.

If you think this is going to be some man's (yes thats what I am, long gone are the days of being called a boy) take on life and trying to teach you the finer prints of it...think again. Just to give you a highlight of my life, these are a few pointers and mind you its just been 24 yrs since my existence:

  • Shot in the leg
  • Mauled by the goons
  • Taken hostage by someone's father
  • Traveled to the opposite end of the country without a train ticket, standing for 32hrs and traveled back just the same way the very next day just because I was in the wrong got damn city
  • Changed 6 cities in a span of 12months
  • Earned and blown away every bit of it
  • Got to see a pretty nasty KLPD while in Europe
  • Drove overnight on my bike and then back again the next day because...well lets just say I got carried away
  • Organized the party of my lifetime after getting placed
  • Lived in PARIS ;)
  • Gave the ride of his life to a particular friend on my birthday
  • Attended the best universities in India and Europe
  • Fell in love, got out of love and then fell in love all over again...and that too with the same person
  • Went from being the nerd king to the bohemian explorer all in a span of a few months and a few bottles of Old Monk
  • Finally, dressed up as a girl to make a certain someone smile...and yes there are still pictures of that night
So, if you think even after knowing these things that its going to be an ordinary journey, well think again.

Keep on checking out the page, the story has just began but always remember that I am not here to teach or impart wisdom, I am here just to share some tales with you all. There is a lot to come and a lot more for me to experience.
Keep living.

"Thinking is more interesting than knowing, but less interesting than looking" - Johann Wolfgang von Goethe